Our Portfolio & Success Stories

Our companies help accelerate Corporate Innovation with a focus on Digital Economy

Ignitho, a Nuivio Ventures company, delivers Digital Business Solutions using its proprietary Product Engineering Platform I.O.I.O (Ideate - Orchestrate - Integrate - Operate). I.O.I.O leverages Frugal Innovation principles, co-developed with Jaideep Prabhu, Professor at University of Cambridge. Ignitho was bootstrapped in 2016 and is on track to cross $1 million in revenue in 2020​

Piqual was born out of a necessity and frustration. Nuivio Ventures and its portfolio companies found it difficult to find a B2B lead generation company who would commit to an assured number of leads. We then developed in-house competency for assured lead generation for our startups & enterprises – which we realized has immense needs in the market and has become scalable with our initial set of happy customers.

iS3Talk is a pioneering new communication framework developed for the social services sector to connect and collaborate its various stakeholders securely and seamlessly. The product is GDPR-compliant and uses tech innovatively to improve efficiency and effect positive behavior change within the sector.

Ignitingthought is an upcoming Tech information platform which highly talks about the current & future state of technology and how it impacts the different set of businesses and its functions. The platform consists of varied technology and business experts who have spent an invaluable amount of time in shaping up large scale businesses and through this platform, they will be sharing their valuable insight to shape up your businesses.