Our Portfolio & Success Stories

Our companies help accelerate Corporate Innovation with a focus on Digital Economy

Ignitho delivers AI led digital engineering using Frugal Innovation principles, co-developed with Jaideep Prabhu, Professor at University of Cambridge. Ignitho is focusing on developing prebuilt solution accelerators in the AI and data management space using proven enterprise technologies by partnering with leading players. Ignitho will also provide the seed engineering to Nuivio’s portfolio companies.

Piqual is a B2B growth agency using a productized services model. Piqual’s delivery model is unique because it closes the traditional gap between brand awareness and revenue realization. Piqual is also being positioned to serve Nuivio’s portfolio companies to increase time to market and improve efficiencies.

This healthcare startup has created an AI led patient and provider experience that will reduce administrative burden and increase the time providers can spend with patients. At present, almost 50% of the time is spend on deskwork and health records and on average only 27% of shift time is spent with patients.

This startup in the transportation space has created a solution to streamline and simplify the worker experience resulting in increased safety, more on-time performance, and lower operational costs. By integrating the disparate data sources and through the use of analytics, the solution makes the right information available in the right way to the field personnel and operations management.