Our Portfolio

Our customized and readymade Tech Solutions to Accelerate Innovation for the enterprises.

Ignitho is a product engineering firm focused on delighting customers through its proprietary IOIO platform backed up Industry 4.0 capabilities. Our unique IOIO (Ideate, Orchestrate, Integrate, and Operate) platform has enabled us to unite varied industries with our technology expertise. Its unique 4 stage modular platform empowers our partners to get the best out of the Product Engineering mindset at every stage customized as per the partner's needs and requirements. Ignitho has thereby built up an enviable track record of delivering top-tier service quality at a competitive price, with a niche player attitude to customer care.

Ignitingthought is an upcoming Tech information platform which highly talks about the current & future state of technology and how it impacts the different set of businesses and its functions. The platform consists of varied technology and business experts who have spent an invaluable amount of time in shaping up large scale businesses and through this platform, they will be sharing their valuable insight to shape up your businesses.

iS3Talk is a pioneering new communication framework developed for the social services sector to connect and collaborate its various stakeholders securely and seamlessly. The product is GDPR-compliant and uses tech innovatively to improve efficiency and affect positive behavior change within the sector.

Virtuoso is an exciting dynamic new outcome-based approach to outsourced application development and maintenance for mid-market enterprises. Together we can help you shape and deliver smarter IT solutions. Whether you seek rapid access to break-through thinking from industry peers, local programme and project management rigour, access to an international IT talent pool or a blended delivery approach, our Virtuoso team moulds to meet your organisation’s objectives.